No, this isn't a weather forecast post, sorry.

It's the season, you know how it goes.  We all get ready for the impending holidays, and it conjures up memories while we try to make some good ones.

It's kind of become a holiday that has been overtaken by a bunch of other factors, though. I'm not particularly religious person so I'm not bothered by that. If it make someone happy to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for other people, great. If it makes someone happy to think about a baby thousands of years ago, great. If it make someone else thing of polar bears and Santa and that makes them happy, again, great.

You do you.

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word "Christmas"?

I saw a little survey that asked that question of about a thousand people.  Here's the results:

33% said Christmas songs and carols

22% said Santa and presents

21% said parties and gatherings

And  17% said Jesus.

For me, when I hear the word "Christmas", I think snow.  I don't WANT snow, or at least not what they say we might be getting. A little dusting is fine. Just enough to make it pretty looking outside, but not enough to make it hard to get to work or cause cancellations. A little bit on the trees, some that stays on the grass, but magically manages to melt away on the roads.  Perfect.

So tell me all about it, what's the first thing you think when you hear "Christmas"?

Merrily yours,


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