Stay six feet apart.  Try not to touch anybody or even yourself. You know how this goes, you've seen it and heard it everywhere. 

Well, that doesn't mean we can't still do stuff like celebrating birthdays! I've seen a few stories of people doing little parades and greetings to elderly or quarantined people in the national news, and now it's made its way here. And with one of my relatives!

I bet a lot of people know my "Aunt" Linda.  We always called her Aunt Linda, but she's really a cousin.  Doesn't matter.  What matters is she turned 75 a little bit ago, and she's staying at home from work (she works part time, to keep busy).  And her co-workers weren't about to let that stop them from wishing her a Happy Birthday!


They went all out, balloons and everything!


Can't really make out the sign but I think it says Happy Birthday 75.


Look at the little mini cavalcade!


Aunt Linda lives out in the country a little, so it was nice of them to make it a special occasion where they could celebrate without any chance of giving her anything!  Thanks to Cousin Deena for putting up the happy occasion on social media, by the way.

Have you seen any little gestures like this in your neighborhood? Let's brag a little about the kindness you've seen in Sedalia again.  Or not even Sedalia, could be anywhere in the area, really - after all, this isn't in Sedalia.  There are positive moments everywhere to be seen during all this craziness - that's what we need to see the most!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Aunt Linda!

Paradingly yours,


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