I have never really been a coffee person, but I do enjoy having a nice warm beverage in the morning. Particularly when it's crazy cold in the winter like it has been.

So here's what I do every morning.  I get up, I go turn my kettle on, I go out and start my car, and then I start getting ready for work.  Put on the clothes I picked out the night before, brush my teeth, take my vitamins, feed the kitties, get my stuff and head out the door. Usually by the time I'm done, my kettle has turned off and the car is defrosted and at least somewhat warm (thank you Bebeh Jesus for heated seats).

I'm coming to the end of my supply of my standard every day teas.  I decided to try a few new things (and even a coffee!) and thought I'd take you along for the journey to see what works and what didn't.  Now, I didn't down all this tea in one afternoon/evening/night.  I spread it out over the weekend, trying different drinks at different times.  Most of them don't even have caffeine and I don't go crazy with the sugar, so it's not too bad.

Come with me, gentle reader! Maybe you'll be inspired to try something new!  So anyway, I ended up buying two new teas and a coffee from Teremok Coffee & Desserts and then one from the People's Republic of Walton.  Admittedly I didn't try any other places in town...YET.  If you have any recommendations though, please do let me know.

The Tea On Tea


So now, every morning, a different tea will be joining me in my five minute journey from home to work, steeping in my mismatched, somewhat leaky Keep Cup. If I have to choose, I'd say the Apple tea was the best, followed by the Berry tea, then the Orange tea, then the Dark Chocolate coffee.  But none of them were bad at all.  Thanks, Teremok!

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker or both?  What do you like to drink? Do you have brand loyalties? Where do they lie? Do you have particular blends or flavors you like?  Where do you get yours?

Spillingly yours,



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