We knew it was coming, and it did. The snow came, and it looks like (at least Sunday, as I'm writing this) it's not too bad. We've been pretty lucky so far this year in terms of the white stuff.  I know we're bound to get something huge - like a few years ago - before too long.  While most of us adults dread it, ya gotta admit it can be a little fun.

I was listening to the kids next door play in the snow, and I'm not quite sure what they were doing (I didn't wanna be a creeper and stare at them through my window) you know they were probably having a snow fight.  There are four little girls in one house, and three little boys in the other and they were all out in the snow.  At one point, a voice that I recognized as, I think, the middle boy, screamed at the top of his lungs, "JOHN CENA!!"  I laughed so hard, it was so cute.

So I decided to go to Youtube and see if there were any funny videos of people playing in snow.  I found one with reporters talking about road conditions from, like five years ago. And right when the mayor of a suburb called Warren was talking about how dangerous they were, a minivan passed the reporter's car....with a guy on SKIS being pulled behind it.

After a minute of the reporters laughing about it, a cop showed up and pulled them over.  Turns out the guy on skis was a college kid, and his friends were driving.

Now obviously that one's just crazy and a little stupid.  But you can have fun out there in the snow.  I remember I used to go sledding, or maybe more accurately, falling down my Grandparent's hill out in the country when it snowed.  We'd build snowmen, and have snowball fights, make little snowball houses, snow angels, everything.  But then some adults will swear by snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling.... What's your favorite snow activity?  Do you your kids have a favorite thing to do in the snow?

Snowfully yours,


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