Well, I've always said that haters are gonna hate. 

Apparently there's a new list thanks to Roadsnacks listing out the most white trash cities in Missouri, and yep, Sedalia's on the list at number four.

Population: 21,457

% White: 87.94%
% Single Moms: 11.83%

Chances are, if you and your kids have moved in with someone after just two dates, than you might be from Sedalia. The city ranks high for aggravated assaults (meaning drunken fist fights). And in pure white trash form, when it comes to fightin’ over that week’s favorite meth slut, you better believe it will be handled bare knuckle style in your trailer’s front yard. This small city is a long drive from route 70 in the middle of nowhere (like most places on the list). And, according to online forums, Sedalia has a major drug problem.

Trashy, huh.

Trashy?! I'll show you trashy! You wanna get trashy, we'll get trashy!


Look at that, trashin the place up! And will you just LOOK at this trashiness.


You know you're trash, I know you're trash, we ALL know it.  That's some real Sedalia Trash right there. There's no denying it.


Please.  I mean, just look at this garbage.  CAN'T EVEN STAY DRY IN THE RAIN.


But I'm not here to say I'm not trashy, too.


Yer dang right, I got some trash to show ya. They may be calling Sedalia trashy, but I'm not here for it. I see us throwing out our trash all over town! Maybe we should just throw some of that hate in the trash, where it belongs!

Trashily yours,

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