I'm sure in your office, there are plenty of signs everywhere to tell people what to do and what NOT to do. Well, we have those too, but we also have some "everybody just knows this" rules.  I'll unpack that.

1.   If the internet's down, nothing's getting done.


Sales people can still make calls, sure.  We can still talk on the air, sure.  But nothing else can get done without the internet.

2. If it's on the break room table, it's fair game.


Snacks, donuts, pizza, drinks, cookies, whatever's on the table, you can have it.  It was probably brought in so you would eat it, so you might as well.

3.  Everyone wants to open the laptop.


Of course we do.  I have no idea what would happen if I opened that laptop.  I don't have the guts to do it.  I don't want to incur anyone's justifiable rage.

4.  If it's at Hobby Lobby, Julie's buying it. 


She can't help herself.  Anything associated with radio or music, if it's at Hobby Lobby, she's buying it.  And it's probably going on the wall right away. She's the Sales Director, sure, but she's also an amateur decorator.  It works out well.

5.  If it's on the microwave, dibs have been called. 


Unlike the table, the fridge and the area around it are items that are spoken for.  The only exceptions would be food that was left over from a communal situation.

6.  The plants are real, but you're probably not going to water them. 


The plants are real, and SOMEONE waters them, but I don't know who. Probably our receptionist.  They don't die, so that's good.

Are there any little "unwritten" rules of your work? What are they? Do you have rules that should be "unwritten"?

Workingly yours,


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