We've got another great nomination with our Central Bank of Sedalia's Unsung Hero!

This month's person is Ashlee Martin.  Ashlee Martin is a realtor with Remax of Sedalia, and has been a realtor for about seven years, property managing for two. She loves her job because she says she loves to make people's dreams come true.  She's working hard behind the scenes to help cancer patients, their families, the boys and girls club, and much more.  But first, let's get to her nominator.

Erin Haulotte had this to say about Ashlee:

I would like to nominate Ashlee Martin.   She is a wonderful asset to Sedalia. She is always there for her community and an amazing realtor at Remax.  She gives back to many organizations. And last year when my husband had surgery, she brought my children dinner and made sure they were okay. She always goes above and beyond for her family, friends, and community.  Thank you for being you, Ashlee!

Ashlee's had the bug to help people since she was young.  Her mother died of pancreatic cancer when Ashlee was only 13, and has wanted to help kids in similar situations since.  They moved from Warrensburg to Sedalia, and she's done her best to make her Mom proud since then. She loves to work with cancer organizations like Cancer Perks as a model.  She also works with local PTA groups, the Women's Service League, and the Boys and Girls Club here in Sedalia.

Here's her interview with Randy about all she does for Sedalia!

Behka in the Morning · Central Bank's Unsung Hero for August is Ashlee Martin

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