This was a totally cute thing that I saw on Facebook the other day.

So apparently some little kid left their dolls at the Sedalia Starbucks the other day. And one of the employees (I'm guessing a manager, actually), Dena, decided to try and get them back to their owner.  She posted several helpful pictures to get the information back to the owner.


I mean, I certainly hope the kid gets their toys back.  And to leave them out in cold probably wasn't something they meant to do.


In the meantime though.... Dena decided to have a little fun with them.  Well. Maybe a lot of fun with them. I thought it was pretty darn funny, anyway!


If they're gonna hang out at Starbucks, might as well earn their keep, right? Help get those coffees out to people!


And Everybody  needs a little sweet pick me up every now and then..... and these ladies probably need it, being away from home.


And plenty of nourishment, of course.  Gotta get those calories in.


Although  maybe not THAT much.  She weighs how much?  Wait, that's not fair of me.  I shouldn't be commenting on that.

Anyway, Dena posted about it on Facebook in the hopes that these ladies can get back to their rightful owner.  Having a little fun while doing it?  Classic.  We all had a little fun and a giggle at it. And hey, the more attention it gets... maybe the kid gets their toys back faster!  So if you were at the local Starbucks here in Sedville over the last couple days or so with a kid, and they came home a few toys lighter than they left.... go ahead and contact the local Starbucks.  The toys are inside, safe and sound.  And maybe a little more caffeinated than they were when they left.  In case you don't have the number, here it is:  (660) 829-0296.

Toyfully yours,

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