This month's Central Bank Unsung Hero is Linda Mackesty.

Linda is a very busy lady who was in the middle of a move, but she took a few minutes out of her day to talk to me about her volunteer work, how it started, and how personal tragedy and family hardship inspired her to help others. Have a listen to our talk here.

We had more nominations for Linda for the month of November than we've ever had!  Here's what a few of those people had to say about Linda and her great work.  From what they say, she sounds like she's definitely changed some lives...for the better.

My Nana is her 70's. Retired, but still goes into Salvation Army here in Sedalia everyday with a smile on her face.  She doesn’t complain. She even brings them  food and treats to make their days a little better.  She’s deserving of this.


Linda is the most kind hearted and without a doubt an Unsung Hero I have met. Waking up every morning with a smile on her face to volunteer her time with Salvation Army Open Door, making a batch of sweet treats for someone without a question, or just lending a helping hand to a friend or family member is what Linda is all about. Everything she does, and every advice ever given is done with love and passion. She was a shoulder when I needed to cry and the reason my diet went in the trash, BUT she is certainly a God sent angel and for that she will always be a hero in my book.


Linda volunteers to help at Salvation Army every morning. She cooks for homeless in winter. And anytime anyone needs food she is always there to help.


She is a very nice, sweet elderly lady that volunteers at the Salvation Door every day. She does not judge anyone, just tries to help anyway she can. If she's around you won't be hungry, she will feed you!


This beautiful lady helps anyone at the drop of a hat. Whether it be Salvation Army, a friend, a family member , her daughter with her craft stuff, or even a stranger who just needs a hand up. All you have to do is call, and she'll be there. God bless this woman. I feel so ashamed I do not have a picture of her.


I have worked with Linda at the Open Door food pantry and for the past year, I've been working with her at the Salvation Army Food Pantry. She is ALWAYS willing to jump in and help with whatever is needed. There has not been a time when she's been needed that she turned them down. She also helps with the Motorcycle Toy Run. She is a treasure to work with!!


Not only is Linda a veteran, she also devotes each day to helping those in need. Linda volunteers at Salvation Army donating sweets and food as well as helping out where needed. Linda is a hero to me because she lives a modest life and ensures other people can have what is needed to live.


She volunteers at open door and salvation army she bakes everyday for people she goes above and beyond and she started cactus the nonprofit organization that gives out free school supplies to kids in need.


Linda has ALWAYS put community before herself. From the earliest days of C.A.C.T.U.S., Linda has displayed the selflessness that many in America, feared have died. Holiday baskets, cookie and treat trays, Open Door to Salvation Army, you'll be hard kept to keep pace with this hometown, unsung, hero. Mother, grandmother (blessed to call her mine), friend to all, Linda is more than deserving.



WOW.  Not only has Linda done a lot, fed a lot of people, but she's also inspired a lot of people. It seems like Linda has definitely made an impact in her own, selfless way to people no matter where she has lived.  She's overcome adversity and tragedy and given back nothing but love (and apparently, sweet treats).  Thank you so much, Ms Linda, for giving back and being there for those people who needed it.  They definitely appreciated your help and felt your impact!

Let's keep this positivity train running! Nominate your next Unsung Hero here!

Positively yours,

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