This year I only  made one dish for Thanksgiving. 

As per requested, I made some spinach croissant wraps.  They're basically just cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, and spinach.  Tastiness.


My sister, though, made a ton of stuff.  Smoked turkey and biscuit, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, gravy, brownies, pies, you name it.  She sent us home with a couple of bags of stuff. And soon after - like, by Saturday night - Husbando is already tired of turkey.  I mean, seriously, dude? I made you like, two turkey sandwiches.  It's not like we had turkey lunchmeat around before Thanksgiving.  I deliberately avoid any and all poultry before Thanksgiving to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Yet, here we are.  Already tired of turkey.  So what can I do to trick him into eating this?  And don't say, "he's an adult, you don't have to trick him into eating leftovers" because yes I fregging do. For some reason this man almost detests eating leftovers of almost any kind.  I can have perfectly good leftover fried rice in the fridge, and he'll still ask if we can order Chinese.

Don't worry, he doesn't read what I write on here, so we can talk about him however we want.  He wouldn't be interested anyway, because it's not about Ghost Recon.

I maybe have an idea.  Well, maybe a couple.  I might try some turkey cheese dip, that might get by him altogether. Maybe I'll make a spaghetti, and instead of using ground beef, I'll just slice up the leftover turkey into the sauce.

Or I guess I could just pull a Beau Matthews and bring in my leftovers to work.  Somebody'll eat 'em, right?  Right.


What are you doing with your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Are you re-purposing them or are you just eating them as they were?

Leftoveringly yours,

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