You know how every pet you have seems to have their own little personality?

Well, this one definitely does.  I randomly found it on YouTube and it was just hilarious.  It's a little kitten from a few years ago who has the strangest little meow you've ever heard in your life.

It almost sounds like a goat!  I know sometimes my cat does little noises and whines and stuff, but nothing close to that! This was a long time ago, though. I wonder if as it got older, it grew out of it, or does it still do it?

Watching videos like that makes me almost want a kitten.  But I know it would be a disaster.  We don't need another animal in this house, I tell ya.  They start out cute, and turn into little demons.  Well, that's not 100% true.  Sometimes they can be nice.  But a lot of the time they get their litter on the floor and chase each other and meow randomly at their water bowls for no reason.

What kind of weird stuff does your pet do?  Do they like to sit in a certain spot, or have a favorite treat or favorite place to be petted?  Tell me all about it!

Meowingly yours,


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