Every now and then, you need a cute little video in your life. I'm a sucker for the general idea of a cute video, you know what I mean. So the other day, I was on the socials, and I came across Kobe Eats. Kobe is basically a toddler who, under the supervision of Mom and Dad, cooks. He makes shakes, cookies, cakes, side dishes, whatever you need, he'll whip it up.


Sometimes, I think I don't even know what I need.  Did I need to see a baby make a cake for a dog?  Yes,  yes I did.

I have never, ever had that much fun cooking.  Ever.


He's trying so hard, you guys.  I mean, I might even eat one of those disgusting banana things if this baby held it up to me.  I'm only human.

WHEN HE WAS WAITING FOR IT TO COOL DOWN? Eugh.  So cute. And they say there's nothing positive on the internet anymore.  Just sit down, watch a baby cook and eat, and you'll be happy for like, ten minutes.  It's not that big a deal, but that matters NOT to me, I say! I'll still enjoy it.

What are some of your favorite internet videos? Do you like animals, babies, funny kids?

Tockingly yours,

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