We here at the stations write up different articles, sometimes it's a news article, sometimes it's just a fun opinion piece, sometimes it's about a local event, whatever comes across that day.

And with every post you do, you have to add a photo to said post, to kind of give people an idea of what it might be about before they click through.  It's just standard procedure.  Every website does it, it's the norm.  So the company has some photos that they've paid someone permission to use, that are available to all of us in the company to download and use as we see fit.  That's all well and good, and I use it most every day.  But I got curious, and decided to see just what all there was available.  And some of the photos...I just cannot imagine a scenario where I would NEED these photos.

I'm sure you've seen some photos on the internet and wondered "why" yourself.  But I guess I'd rather have these photos and not need them then have the situation reversed? Now I kinda wanna look for something to write about static electricity, if I'm being honest.  Maybe that's the point, to inspire us randomly! I also kind of want to image search a few of these to see WHERE they  have been used.  There has to have been someone who used them, right?  They paid permission to do so!

Imagingly yours,

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