Guys, I know a lot of the time, when you see my by line you see something serious next to it.

Or at least you have for the last couple of years.  Before that, it was almost all malarkey.  And now, it's kind of a mix of serious and not so serious stuff. I get that sometimes that can be confusing, but if you're confused, imagine being me.

Well, no. You probably don't want to do that.

Anyway, most of what I write these days is serious, but sometimes I get a good idea about something else. And so I decided to compile some of my favorites from this past year and list them all here with a few of  the whys and hows. I know fifteen might SOUND like a lot, but it's not in comparison to the rest of the year. We're kinda required to write at least two articles a day, which means if we do a blanket estimate, we're writing at minimum 480 articles a year. And if there's breaking news or a quick announcement or something, it could be more. So... for around 500 articles a year, or so, for me, fifteen isn't so crazy! In case you don't know, just click on the red titles, and the article will pull up.

Warsaw's Sensation.

This one is something I'm not going to let go. I had a contact down in Warsaw who was going to see what she could find out for me (She contacted ME, so that was big to me), but life got in the way and I never did find out what happened. But Warsaw people, if you got together with Great Grandma or Grandpa this year..... maybe ask em!

The Bunker.

You know what my habit is with real estate listings. I found this one and I just really wanted to go, if for no other reason than it would be a GREAT haunted house.

The Rock TikTok.

Well, this one was just hilarious to me because Andrew is hilarious. Well, I still follow him, and there has been a BIT of an ending to the story. The neighbor is still nutso, an apparently is still bein' a nutso. Andrew, meanwhile, has sold his house and moved to a different neighborhood, far away from the rock guy. So I guess that's a good ending.

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Baby In The Car.

This one was a happy accident! He just so happened to come by the station to do some work, I saw it, Laughed, and then asked him what was up with it. It was simple. I figured if it made me laugh, it would make you laugh, too.


I've actually had a lot of people ask me about this (well, maybe like seven people. But that's enough!). People are really invested in making sure they get the most out of their trips and save as much money as they can. So I was happy to help!

The Graduate Letter.

This was actually a version of a letter I wrote to my ex's two daughters. They graduated high school this year.

MY Band.

This was another happy accident. I was out for a middle eastern brunch with a friend in Columbia and she happened to see this. It was a rainy day, we were just window shopping and goofing off. And... well, you just don't run into comic sans pretentiousness like this every day. Or, at least I don't.

Hope Valley.

EUGH. I never did find out anything else about this! They did call me back, but did not leave a message. And they sent me a text message saying they were sorry they missed my call...but after that, nothing. Did any of you guys see anything? Maybe I should look into it again.

Why We Won't Get What We Want at Next Year's Fair.

I wrote this as only PART of the process that is getting acts to perform at the MSF. I don't claim to know the whole thing, or the whole process, but this was just part of it. I think some people thought it was all just up to someone's personal taste, and that's not the way it works.


I just saw this on social media and decided to share. And yes, for those of you who didn't read it, I know there are other locations as well. I just thought I'd share.

The Capitol Story.

This was just a fun one for me. I love finding out the details of history, or discovering the little quirks that make the stories come to life.

Carthage Mansion.

This was another one of my real estate finds. So many cabinets. And it was so beautiful! Really made me wish I had a few million to blow, you know?

Idiot's First Football Game.

Well. I should say my first college football game. I went to a few in High School, because I did stuff with the band. But I've never been to one that you could consider big time. My boyfriend really wants to take me to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead. We'll see.

Hawt Sauce.

This one actually started with you guys. I asked you on our social media about your favorite "I put that on everything" condiments, and it encouraged me to share mine. And a few of you wanted to know exactly what I was talking about, so here it was.

Die Hard.

This one was recent. I still stand behind my point that it might have been slightly better at Halloween as opposed to Christmas.

Anyway, that's enough reflection for one year. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2023, can you?

Writingly yours,

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